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The Open Quantum Institute


Design Phase

From the 42 emerging scientific topics covered by GESDA, Quantum Computing was identified as a technology with great transformative capability requiring a science and diplomacy mobilisation to ensure global access and benefits. A task force involving scientists, diplomats, industry leaders and philanthropists was set up to devise a solution to ensure the positive impact of the technology is maximized, whilst its risks are mitigated. This collective effort led to the idea of the Open Quantum Institute (OQI).

Public Announcement

The OQI proposal unveiled at GESDA Summit in 2022 benefitted from significant traction in the quantum community and with diplomacy stakeholders. The Summit enabled gathering comments from all GESDA communities: academic, diplomatic, impact and citizens on the solution idea, feeding the final positive evaluation by GESDA’s board and its decision to incubate the OQI.


Incubation Phase

The OQI incubation effectively consisted in prototyping the OQI’s activities by GESDA and its community. The incubation brought our 4A’s to life, and also served to confirm the funding and a sustainable governance for the OQI, paving the way for its effective launch in 2024.

Pilot Phase

The OQI will be launched in Q1 2024 for an initial pilot phase of 3 years. As the OQI grows, the partners are looking forward to a future where the SDGs are in reach and believe that the OQI and its extended network will play a crucial role in realising this vision.


Thinking meets action

The OQI’s vision is to create a market of quantum use cases for the Sustainable Development Goals by 2026. These use cases demonstrate the tangible action we are taking to help accelerate our progress towards the SDGs.

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Join the Future of Quantum Computing!

Learn about membership

OQI Partners are institutions (such as quantum computing providers, education providers, leading expert organizations from private or public sector, or institutions represented in the OQI Advisory Committee) recognized as a credible participant in the scientific and/or diplomatic community.


  1. Either have served as OQIs spearheading partners during incubation phase or have committed consistently/ assiduously to OQI’s work as detailed in their partnership agreement for at least a year
  2. Commit to co-shape the OQI’s unique value propositions for the three years of the pilot
  3. Are vetted by the OQI Advisory Committee
  4. Abide to OQIs values

OQI Members are institutions such as NGOs, IGOs, countries, or organizations with leading expertise in quantum computing, application domains, specific use case areas, SDGs, impact, diplomacy, governance and other related fields from the public, private and philanthropic sector) recognized as a credible participant in the scientific and/or diplomatic community.


  1. have disclosed their governance structure
  2. have appointed at least one expert from their institution to join and actively collaborate within OQIs specific working groups on at least one of the 4A’s
  3. commit to collaborate, consult for the three years of the pilot
  4. abide to OQIs values
  5. have submitted a complete membership form with supporting documentation and are vetted by the OQI Management Team
  6. can qualify to apply becoming a partner after having demonstrated their commitment for at least a year

OQI Friends are individuals (such as experts from the private or public sector, countries, citizens) who are committed to open science, inclusivity and all values as set out in OQI’s charter and associate themselves with the OQI.

Friends represent the OQI to their communities, abiding to OQI values.

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