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Our journey

As the most advanced initiative incubated by the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA), the OQI draws on GESDA’s ability to connect scientists and technologists, the diplomatic community, the private sector, philanthropic actors and global citizens, in order to pioneer future science and technology for good.

Accelerating applications for humanity

Realising the full potential of quantum computing by accelerating the use case development relevant to achieve the SDGs, leveraging the combined forces of researchers and developers, entrepreneurs and United Nations and large NGOs innovation cells.

Access for All

Providing global, inclusive and equitable access to a pool of public and private quantum computers and simulators available via the cloud.

Advancing capacity building

Developing educational tools to enable everyone around the world to contribute to the advancement of quantum computing applications and benefit from the technology.

Activating multilateral governance for the SDGs

Providing a neutral forum to help shape the future multilateral governance of quantum computing for the SDGs

Our science diplomacy community.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the incubation of The Open Quantum Institute on our journey to accelerate quantum computing progress for the benefit of all.



Since 2021, GESDA has been curating a diplomatic dialogue on quantum computing with the permanent representations in Geneva, together with inputs from U.N. international organizations, the private sector, and academia. In 2023, this group created the basis for common understandings on the state-of-play of multilateral governance themes most relevant to quantum computing (e.g., standardization, safety and security, the digital divide).

GESDA is very grateful to the permanent representations in Geneva that have actively participated in the informal discussions on multilateral governance of quantum computing for the SDGs, namely Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.



Incubation Advisory Board

The OQI’s incubation phase has proven it to be an invaluable organisation for the future of quantum computing and science diplomacy.

It benefited from advice and guidance of leading research, diplomacy, industry and impact experts. 

Frequently asked questions

What is quantum computing?

Quantum computers promise a whole new era of computing. Thanks to major advancements in speed and/or accuracy, quantum computing opens up new problem-solving capabilities that can help governments, businesses and society.

Why is it important now?

There has been increasing talk and action around quantum computing in the public and private sectors. Advances in R&D, a recent Nobel Prize in quantum entanglement, and record investments that see quantum computing as an upcoming multi-trillion-dollar industry have helped to accelerate the potential of this technology.

Why is the OQI essential?

Countries are increasingly enacting national quantum strategies to safeguard their sovereignty and competitiveness. As multilateral governance of quantum computing is still underdeveloped, there is also increasingly a strong need for international cooperation in order to preserve human agency, accelerate our progress towards the SDGs, and ensure that the whole world contributes to and benefits from quantum computing.

Why is access a major topic?

Quantum computing has the potential to accelerate humanity’s technological trajectory. It is therefore essential to ensure inclusive access to the use of quantum machines in order to avoid a widening of the digital divide in the quantum era.

What stage is the OQI at now?

In 2024, the OQI will be entering its pilot implementation phase as a fully-functioning spin-off of GESDA. Following a design phase, the proposal of an OQI was announced at the 2022 GESDA Summit. The incubation of the OQI by GESDA in 2023 served to kick-start initial activities of the OQI, while securing its funding and governance.


Read more about our journey here

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Learn about engagement opportunities

OQI Partners are institutions that benefit from peer recognition for their scientific or in the impact expertise.


  1. Either have served as OQIs spearheading partners during its incubation phase or have consistently engaged resources to OQI’s work as OQI members for at least a year
  2. Commit to co-shape the OQI’s unique value propositions for the three years of the pilot throughout the 4A’s​
  3. Are vetted by the OQI Advisory Committee
  4. Abide to OQIs values and openness principles

OQI Members are institutions that benefit from peer recognition for their scientific or in the impact expertise.


  1. Have disclosed their governance structure
  2. Commit to actively contribute on at least one of the 4A’s assiduously for at least one year​
  3. Have appointed at least one expert from their institution as focal point of contact for OQI and contributor to its working groups
  4. Abide to OQIs values
  5. Have submitted a complete membership form with supporting documentation and are vetted by the OQI Management Team
  6. Qualify for partner level after having demonstrated their commitment for at least one year​

OQI Friends are individuals (such as experts from the private or public sector, countries, citizens) who are committed to open science, inclusivity and all values as set out in OQI’s charter and associate themselves with the OQI.

Friends socialize the OQI to their communities.

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